Performers at The Vancouver Folk Music Festival, 2011

This year I was the photography coordinator for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. As such,  I had the opportunity to photograph some of the many talented and even legendary musicians on and off stage.

Here are some of my favorite performance shots from the weekend.


Some of my favorite shots came from Canadian talent, Joel Plaskett.  It seemed to me that Joel was completely absorbed in his music and in the art of his performance.  He was lost to his music and at the same time he was engaged and responsive to his audience.  I think that this is completely evident in these shots.  This was a performance that was a joy to hear and a privilege to photograph.  I’m Joel’s newest fan!

Joel Plaskett | VFMF 2011


Joel Plaskett | VFMF 2011


Joel Plaskett | VFMF 2011


I have the pleasure of listening to Buck 65 (Rich Terfry) most afternoons as I work in my office at the college.  Rich hosts The Drive on CBC Radio 2.

The lower photograph is of Marnie Herald who accompanied Rich.


Buck 65 | VFMF 2011


Marnie Herald | VFMF 2011




Rosanne Cash | VFMF 2011


Tim Robbins (& The Rogues Gallery Band) | VFMF 2011



Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings | VFMF 2011



Jess & Martin | Ukelele Song Competition Winners | VFMF 2011


Justin Townes Earle | VFMF 2011


Casey Laforet | Elliot Brood | VFMF 2011


Nomadic Caravan | VFMF 2011


Barbara Adler | The Fugitives


Emmanuel Jal


Emmanuel Jal | VFMF 2011


Mary Gauthier | Tania-Elizabeth | VFMF 2011


LA-33 | VFMF 2011

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