Studies of Light in Motion

Green • Red • Yellow • Olive • Blue • Gold

Print Details


  • Limited to 9 prints in each size.
  • Signed, numbered and dated.


  • Images are printed on a sheet of dibond aluminum


  • No framing necessary. 
  • The images are designed to be hung unframed.
  • The images float about 1/2 inch away from the wall.
  • If desired the images can be framed.

Sizes & Prices

  • 20″ x 30″ – $475 (Cdn)
  • 32″ x 48″ – $1200 (Cdn)

High Gloss / Matte

  • High-Gloss (standard)
    • The format for the prints is high-gloss.
    • The high gloss format emphasizes the ‘electric’ nature of the images.  
    • High gloss prints are at their most vibrant when illuminated with direct (spot) lighting.
  • Matte (special order)
    • In situations where there is a lot of ambient light, the matte images will have greatly reduced glare.
    • Matte images have less ‘pop’ but better represent fine details and tonal subtleties.

A Note on Orientation

  • As abstractions of light suspended in air (fireworks) the prints communicate an element of ‘gravity-less-ness’. I want the viewer to feel free to orient the image as best suits their eye – or their mood. In different orientations the images communicate a very different aesthetic and a very different narrative.

Purchase Information

  • Please email me if you are interested in purchasing please email or phone me.

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